7 Day Candle Spells

Candle altar services are candles I dress and bless, and burn for you on my altar using 7 day candles. You will receive a picture of your candle and reading of your candle, after the candle has finished burning. As a hoodoo practitioner, I frequently assist people with realizing their goals and overcoming obstacles in their life. Burning candle altar candles for my clients is one of my most sought after services. This ceremony uses the powerful forces of fire and purpose to create transformation and change.

When a customer comes to me with a particular need or objective, I start by choosing the best candle for the circumstance. The client’s goals must be in harmony with the symbolism and energy contained in the candle’s color, size, and shape. I might, for instance, select a red candle to symbolize love and passion or a green candle to symbolize wealth and abundance.

The candle is then ready by being purified, blessed, and given power through a number of rites. The candle may be anointed with oils, have phrases or symbols carved into the wax, or have herbs and powders sprinkled on top. These preparations provide the candle the energy it needs to serve the client’s particular objective.

I concentrate intensely on the client’s desired outcome, imagining it as vividly as I can as I establish the candle’s purpose. In order to ask divine assistance and guidance in reaching the aim, I can also conduct prayers or incantations.

I light the candle after setting the intention, then I place it on my altar or another sacred area where it can burn continuously until it melts entirely. The energies imbued within the candle are released as it burns, creating a strong force that works to bring about the client’s objectives.

I carefully analyze any wax, herbs, or other residues left after the candle has burned out to look for clues and messages that could provide information about the success of the ritual or any potential issues that would need to be resolved.

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