Secrets of Working with Saint Michael in Your Prayer & Spell Work

in this mini class at aromaG's Botanica, Reverend Roy discusses the ways to work with Saint Michael (Archangel Michael) in your spiritual work.

An archangel, or spiritual warrior in the ...
struggle between good and evil, is Saint Michael. He is revered as the protector of the Church, a defender of justice, and a healer of the sick. Saint Michael is frequently portrayed in artwork wielding a sword, a banner, or scales and defeating Satan in the guise of a dragon.

The belief is that God created the Angels, the Earth, and Heaven. He referred to the significant Angels as Archangels. The "Angel of the Lord" that visited Moses and Abraham was Michael. Also an archangel, Lucifer was so radiantly attractive that people referred to him as the Son of the Morning. Lucifer began assembling Angels for an army against God after deciding that God shouldn't have the highest position in Heaven. God commanded Michael to gather a second army of angels to battle Lucifer. After a fierce struggle, Michael and his angels triumphed and expelled Lucifer from Heaven.

According to Catholic belief, St. Michael has four duties: he must battle Satan, accompany the faithful to heaven after they die, defend Christians and the church, and summon everyone from Earthly life to heavenly judgment.

Saint Michael is most frequently employed for protection in Catholic folk magic. He is called upon to safeguard your home, keep you safe from harm, safeguard you from your adversaries, and safeguard you from police harassment. He is also employed by troops, EMTs, security personnel, dying individuals, and holy death in dangerous waters. He requests sincerity rather than gifts. September 29 is Feast Day, also known as Michaelmas.
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