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I work with the Saints and Archangels, as well as traditional magic, to work magic for myself and others.

Baptized Catholic, the type of magic I perform is what I refer to as Catholic Conjure where I call upon saints, angels and the medicine of my Native American ancestors to assist me in my magical work. This particular craft of magic is often found in the area of New Orleans where African, French, Latin, Native American, and English folk practices melded together with Catholicism. As a native Tennessean, I also incorporate the folkloric and mystical mountain traditions that I grew up with.

What do I mean by magic? Magic, sometimes spelled Magick to differentiate it from stage magician magic, is the art of applying rituals, actions, and beliefs to bring about natural and supernatural change. As a folk magic practitioner, I use prayer and ritual objects in an effort to manipulate the energy around us to bring about positive change. Some may lean towards calling what I do “witchcraft,” but these customs have been around since recorded history and are considered sacred parts of many world religions. King Solomon was considered the ancient world’s most formidable magician with authority over spirits, animals, wind, and water. Some of the tools I use in my practice are: novena candles, holy water, rosaries, herbs, roots, flowers, crystals, and minerals. Much of the work I perform is burning candles on my altars on behalf of clients to help in matters of love, money, success, health, and self-esteem.

Magical services include setting of lights candle services, Novena candle services, and spell candles. When you purchase a candle service, I bless and dress your candles for you, and burn them on my altar. You are purchasing a service and will not receive the physical candle. I choose the color, herbs and oils based on the type of candle you chose and your petition. Please provide as much information possible in your petition, including names, birthdates, locations, etc. Think of the petition as your prayer, and make it personal.  Let me know exactly what you want.

I may need a couple of days to start your candle, depending on the type of candle chosen.  You will be notified by email when the candle has started. When the candle has finished burning, I will begin working on your report, which could take a few days. Please allow at least 15 days from the time you place your order, to receive your report. If you request 3 or 7 candles, remember it will take longer to get your report.





REVIEW – ROAD OPENER CANDLE SPELL: “When I tell you I got calls from all the jobs I interviewed for and all want me to work unbelievable I have so many options for jobs my head is spinning.” – Stephanie
REVIEW – ROAD OPENER CANDLE SPELL: “Excellent response and fast movement with the energy. I appreciate all the work and effort. Grateful for such wonderful service and a practitioner you can rely on. I recommend him and his services.” – Vasad
REVIEW – MONEY DRAWING CANDLE SPELL: “Excellent work and fast response 🙂 My sales went up and very happy to use him again!” – Diana