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I am a Psychic Tarot Reader in Nashville TN, who has been reading tarot for over 15 years.  I use the Universal Waite Tarot and the Psychic Tarot as my main cards. My mediumship and clairaudient talents help provide deeper meaning into my readings. My Tarot and Oracle card readings are a natural extension of tapping into these psychic abilities. Through the cards, I am able to see the unique situations going on behind the scenes in your life. The archetypical symbols in the cards help to show me the emotions and motives of the people around you. As I often try to explain to people, nothing in a reading is set in stone, so there is nothing to fear about having your cards read. The cards that tell of future events are merely a snapshot of probable outcomes – all controllable and changeable based on the decisions you make after receiving this knowledge. 

Readings are available by PHONE or ZOOM.  Please click on the Appointments link to schedule a reading.

15 minute readings are $35
30 minute readings are $70

Why get a psychic tarot reading?

Most people are too invested in their own problems to see all sides of the story objectively. Or, things may be going on behind the scenes that you know nothing about, making it more difficult for you to fix the problem. A tarot reading is a way to give you a new outlook on your current situation, allowing you to examine it through a fresh pair of eyes.

You may have an important decision to make and want more information. Your question might be about starting up an old relationship, switching careers, moving to another state, or making a big purchase – like a new home.

A reading is an excellent way to arm yourself with all the facts before moving forward about a decision. Knowing what may come in the near future can help with those decisions. A reading is a way to get a second opinion.


you can learn more about the history of the Rider-Waite tarot deck here if you are interested