Rev Roy is a Traditional Usui Reiki Master, Trained Shamanic Practitioner, and Licensed Reflexologist in Nashville, TN.


Nashville Reiki room


A Reiki Session last about an hour. Reiki is a healing modality that balances the body’s natural energy system, balances the chakras, promotes relaxation, provides relief from stress, boosts the immune system, and also provides healing emotionally and spiritually.

What kind of Reiki do I perform? I am a Usui Reiki Master and Kundalini Reiki Master.  I am also a trained Shamanic Practitioner.  After many years of performing traditional Reiki, I found it was no longer possible for me to separate the two modalities. This is why I refer to what I do as ‘Shamanic Reiki.’ Shamanic Reiki provides the same benefits as traditional reiki (chakra healing, stress relief, creating balance and harmony) with the benefits of shamanic healing (soul healing, trauma healing, ancestral healing.)
Reiki session – 60 minutes- $100
MEN ONLY – Reiki + Reflexology – $130



I am a Registered Certified Reflexologist, licensed by the State of TN.  At this time, I am not accepting new clients for Reflexology.


The term Shaman can mean different things to different people. For myself, I use the term Modern-Day Shamanic Practitioner. Generally a shaman is one who interacts with the spirit world on behalf of another for healing.  There are reports of Shaman healers in every tribe of people since the recorded history of man.  Shamanism was on the decline for a long time due to religious influence, and the western attitude that it was superstitious and primitive.  Thankfully the practice is becoming accepted again, and viewed by many as a sought after modality of alternative healing.


There can be many influences that make us sick physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Some of the biggest influences are traumatic experiences or illness, stress, and abusive relationships.  Two things can happen after experiencing any of these.  First, the experience can leave stress residue in our body and soul, and block the natural energy flow.  Second, and very often, you can actually lose part of your soul during trauma.  As a Shaman, I can intuitively see the stress residue in the body, and help remove it.  When a person loses a part of their soul, the Shaman can visit the spirit world, find it, and bring it back.  Once you are reunited with your missing soul pieces, true healing can begin.

Many times negative energy or entities can attach itself to a person.  This can happen during stressful periods of our lives.  The stress can attach itself to the tissues and bones in the body, and especially to the spirit of the person. One of my gifts is the cleansing and removing of negative energy and entities.  Shamanism is also a helpful tool for curse or hex removal.  (Yes, this really does happen.)

Beyond individual Reiki sessions, as a Reiki Master I also teach Reiki to others and offer levels 1, 2, and 3 (Master level) classes on a regular basis in my Nashville office and via Zoom. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the class. You will also receive a lineage chart. A Reiki lineage is the line of teaching that your teacher has been trained in, similar to a family tree.