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Tarot Reader, Folk Magic, Witchcraft, and Conjure – Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master,

folk magic, candle spells, and nashville reiki masterWelcome. I am a Usui Reiki Master, Kundalini Reiki Master, trained Shamanic Practitioner, Tarot Reader, and practitioner of Folk Magic. I have decades of experience in spell casting, candle spells, and am a scholar of folk magic practices such as hoodoo, witchcraft, and granny magic.

The focus of everything I do comes from a place of healing, to help bring my clients to the place in their lives they want to be. In this fast-paced world we live in, it is easy for people to go inward and avoid or push down the traumas, negative energies, or childhood programming that may be causing their current illness, confusion, or self-doubt. This is the main focus of my practice – to help you step into the light and become the best version of yourself.

I have been in the healing and metaphysical arts for over 20 years now. I combine my traditional training as a Reiki Master with my natural psychic ability to help find the heart of the problem. With this insight, we can begin to tackle the problem together. My goal is to provide a safe space for physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation.

What do I mean by psychic ability? When performing a hands-on healing session, it is not uncommon for images of your past to come to me – usually an event that has a direct link to the problem at hand. Other times, it is a simple message from Spirit, maybe a single sentence that I am asked to convey to you. There have been some occasions where the energy of a relative or friend who has passed enters the room to help with your healing process or relay a message. Sometimes, it is simply a straightforward energy-healing session. The experience is different for everyone.

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Reiki Master Teacher

Nashville Reiki roomWhat kind of Reiki do I perform? I am a Usui Reiki Master and Kundalini Reiki Master.  I received his first attunement almost 20 years ago, and has been a firm believer in healing energies ever since. He received his Kundalini Reiki Master in 2018.  Reiki is a healing modality that balances the body’s natural energy system, balances the chakras, promotes relaxation, provides relief from stress, boosts the immune system, and also provides healing emotionally and spiritually.   

Reiki sessions differ for each person.  Sometimes it is a relaxing, stress relieving session.  Other times it can be an emotional release of past trauma.  Your guides and angels are always present during a Reiki session, guiding us to the type of healing you need that day.  If you have deep-seated trauma to heal, it will take more than one session for thorough healing.

Beyond individual Reiki sessions, as a Reiki Master I also teach Reiki to others and offer levels 1, 2, and 3 (Master level) classes on a regular basis in my Nashville office and via Zoom. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the class. You will also receive a lineage chart. A Reiki lineage is the line of teaching that your teacher has been trained in, similar to a family tree. My classes are a straight certificate course. At this time I do not offer CEU’s. You can find my class page here.

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Psychic Tarot Reader

tarot readingMy Tarot and Oracle card readings are a natural extension of tapping into these psychic abilities. Through the cards, I am able to see the unique situations going on behind the scenes in your life. The archetypical symbols in the cards help to show me the emotions and motives of the people around you. As I often try to explain to people, nothing in a reading is set in stone, so there is nothing to fear about having your cards read. The cards that tell of future events are merely a snapshot of probable outcomes – all controllable and changeable based on the decisions you make after receiving this knowledge. I offer Tarot readings in-person and by phone.
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15 minute readings are $35


Catholic Folk Magic

hoodoo and folk magic spellsBaptized Catholic, the type of magic I perform is what I refer to as Catholic Conjure where I call upon saints, angels and the medicine of my Native American ancestors to assist me in my magical work. This particular craft of magic is often found in the area of New Orleans where African, French, Latin, Native American, and English folk practices melded together with Catholicism. As a native Tennessean, I also incorporate the folkloric and mystical mountain traditions that I grew up with.


What do I mean by magic? Magic, sometimes spelled Magick to differentiate it from stage magician magic, is the art of applying rituals, actions, and beliefs to bring about natural and supernatural change. As a folk magic practitioner, I use prayer and ritual objects in an effort to manipulate the energy around us to bring about positive change. Some may lean towards calling what I do “witchcraft,” but these customs have been around since recorded history and are considered sacred parts of many world religions. King Solomon was considered the ancient world’s most formidable magician with authority over spirits, animals, wind, and water. Some of the tools I use in my practice are: novena candles, holy water, rosaries, herbs, roots, flowers, crystals, and minerals. Much of the work I perform is burning candles on my altars on behalf of clients to help in matters of love, money, success, health, and self-esteem. Read more about my magickal services here.



What is a Shaman?

nashville shaman

What is a Shaman?

The term Shaman can mean different things to different people. For myself, I use the term Modern-Day Shaman. Generally a shaman is one who interacts with the spirit world on behalf of another for healing.  There are reports of Shaman healers in every tribe of people since the recorded history of man.  Shamanism was on the decline for a long time due to religious influence, and the western attitude that it was superstitious and primitive.  Thankfully the practice is becoming accepted again, and viewed by many as a sought after modality of alternative healing.

How is one healed through Shamanism?

There can be many influences that make us sick physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Some of the biggest influences are traumatic experiences or illness, stress, and abusive relationships.  Two things can happen after experiencing any of these.  First, the experience can leave stress residue in our body and soul, and block the natural energy flow.  Second, and very often, you can actually lose part of your soul during trauma.  As a Shaman, I can intuitively see the stress residue in the body, and help remove it.  When a person loses a part of their soul, the Shaman can visit the spirit world, find it, and bring it back.  Once you are reunited with your missing soul pieces, true healing can begin.

Many times negative energy or entities can attach itself to a person.  This can happen during stressful periods of our lives.  The stress can attach itself to the tissues and bones in the body, and especially to the spirit of the person. One of my gifts is the cleansing and removing of negative energy and entities.  Shamanism is also a helpful tool for curse or hex removal.  (Yes, this really does happen.)


nashville reflexology

I am a state board certified reflexologist and received my license in 2010. Reflexology is a non-invasive modality that helps support the body’s natural healing process by applying specific touch and pressure techniques to points and areas (known as reflex maps) that are believed to exist on the feet and hands and correspond to the various organs and systems of the body. Reflexology helps reduce stress and tension, promotes relaxation, and helps with circulation by applying pressure to specific spots on the hands and feet. This is done with my hands through a series of motions such as thumb and finger-walking, and additional techniques often found in massage.


Reflexology has been known to help with migraines, hypertension, digestive disorders, pms, sinus congestion, post-operative pain, and pain and anxiety associated with cancer and cancer treatments. Most people find a session relaxing and sometimes fall asleep. After each session, I discuss with you the areas of tension I found and give some specific reflexology points you can practice at home for self-care.



REVIEW: “I have had the pleasure of knowing Roy for years now. And to say he has been one of the major influences on my life in helping me not only feel better and overcome a lot of bodily pain, but has been such a great mentor and teacher on my spiritual journey as well! I have been seeing Roy for years now for his Reiki and Reflexology combo and it’s one of the best treatments one can do! Reflexology is SO powerful and soooo underrated in todays medicine cabinet, not to mention the healing powers of reiki. And Roy is a true master of his craft. His energy is so calming and he makes you feel completely safe, which is very important in energy healing. And he truly cares about you as an individual which makes it even better! He’s able to always tell where the issues are and how to help them and what I need to do to work on them! So hands down he has been an incredible person that has changed my life for the better!” -Tox Josh

Roy Hamilton lives in Nashville, TN with his husband Papa Gee, and is co-owner of AromaG’s Botanica