Saint Lucy for Insight plus a FREE Spell

Saint Lucy, known for her patronage over sight and light, is a figure whose symbolic attributes have been incorporated into rituals and spells, especially those focusing on clarity, protection, and healing, particularly of the eyes and vision. It’s essential to approach such practices with respect and understanding of the cultural and religious contexts from which they originate.

1. Setting Up an Altar for Saint Lucy

Creating a dedicated space for Saint Lucy can help focus your intentions and honor her spirit. An altar might include:

  • Images or Statues: A depiction of Saint Lucy, often shown holding a dish with eyes, to represent her connection to sight.
  • Candles: White candles are appropriate for purity and light. Lighting a candle on her feast day, December 13th, can be particularly powerful.
  • Offerings: Traditional offerings include bread, as a nod to her feast day practices in some cultures, or items associated with sight and healing.

2. Prayers and Petitions

Communicating your intentions through prayer is a central aspect of working with saints in a magical context. You can write your own prayer to Saint Lucy asking for her assistance in seeing through deception, healing eye ailments, or gaining insight into a situation. Reciting your prayer while lighting a candle dedicated to her can enhance your connection.

3. Amulets and Talismans

Creating or acquiring an amulet associated with Saint Lucy can serve as a protective charm against spiritual blindness and physical eye problems. These can be blessed on her altar and carried with you or placed in key areas of your home.

4. Meditation and Visualization

Focusing on Saint Lucy during meditation can aid in cultivating inner sight and clarity. Visualize her light penetrating through confusion and illuminating the truth, asking for her guidance in seeing things clearly.

5. Community Rituals

Participating in or creating rituals around December 13th, Saint Lucy’s feast day, can amplify your intentions. These could involve processions, communal prayers, or sharing food in her honor, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.


Saint Lucy Insight Spell


  • 1 white candle (representing purity and light)
  • 1 small dish of water (symbolizing clarity and emotional insight)
  • Olive oil (for anointing the candle, optional)
  • A piece of paper and pen (for writing your petition)
  • An image or statue of Saint Lucy (to help focus your intention)
  1. Set Up: Place the image or statue of Saint Lucy on your altar or table. Next to it, set the white candle and the dish of water. If using olive oil, anoint the candle from base to tip, symbolizing drawing in clarity.

  2. Write Your Petition: On the piece of paper, write a concise petition to Saint Lucy, specifying the insight or guidance you seek. Fold the paper three times towards you, concentrating on your request.

  3. Light the Candle: As you light the candle, say the following invocation:

    “Saint Lucy, beacon of light,
    Guide me with your sight.
    Illuminate my path so clear,
    Bring insight and dispel my fear.”

  4. Place Your Petition: Place the folded paper under the dish of water. This represents how emotional intelligence and clarity are supporting your intention.

  5. Meditation and Visualization: Spend a few moments in meditation, visualizing Saint Lucy’s light enveloping you, piercing through confusion and illuminating the truth. Imagine your path ahead becoming clear and bright.

  6. Closing: When you feel ready, close the spell with gratitude. Thank Saint Lucy for her guidance and protection. Allow the candle to burn down safely. Keep the dish of water on your altar or near your bed overnight, symbolizing clarity permeating your thoughts and dreams.

  7. Disposal of the Petition: The next day, take the petition and either bury it outside, releasing your intention to the universe, or keep it in a special place until your insight has been received.