Saint Homobonus for Business Matters

saint homobonus for businessSaint Homobonus is the patron saint of Cremona, Italy, as well as businesspeople, tailors, shoemakers, and clothworkers.

Upon the urgent desire of the Cremonese people, he was canonized in 1199. He passed away on November 13, 1197, while attending Mass at St. Giles Church in Cremona. November 13 is observed as his feast day.

His last name is a translation of the Latin homo plus (“good man”). He was a trader from northern Italy’s Cremona. He was a married layman named Omobono Tucenghi who felt that God had given him a job to support those living in poverty.

The secret to St. Homobonus’ success as a missionary was his ability to seamlessly combine an ordinary existence as a layman and married man with an outstanding witness of service to others. He was a cloth merchant who had a small inheritance from his father, but he always put in a lot of effort in his line of work. St. Homobonus efficiently distributed a sizeable portion of his profits to the poor.

Homobonus attended church regularly and regularly took part in the Eucharist. On November 13, 1197, Homobonus passed away while kneeling in the shape of a cross and attending mass. Homobonus was declared a saint by Pope Innocent III fourteen months later. Pope Innocent III referred to Homobonus as “father of the poor.” He is honored in the Sant’Omobono church in Rome.

Saint Homobonus could also be considered the saint of entrepreneurs. To work with him, use green or yellow candles. Green represents money, while yellow is a stand-in color for “gold.” Use any type of money drawing or better business oil to anoint your candles. Work with him when you are beginning new business ventures or want to increase your money through hard work. Be sure to give to or support charities in some way to stay on his good side so that he will continue to work with you and increase your wealth.