Skull Candle Spells

Skull Candle Spells –
As a practitioner of many different spiritual traditions, I often use skull candle spells to help my clients change the ideas, feelings, or plans of other people. The skull candle stands for the mind of the target and is a strong center for focusing energy and intention on the desired result. Here, I’ll talk about the steps I take when I do skull candle magic for my clients.

When a client comes to me with a specific goal that involves affecting someone else, the first thing I do is choose the right skull candle. The color of the candle has a lot to do with what it is used for. For example, I might choose a white skull candle for healing or clarity, a red one for love and attraction, or a black one to get rid of bad things or negativity. Black can also be used for more baneful work.

Before I start, I clean and bless the skull candle to get rid of any old energies and get it ready for the magical work. This could mean washing it with saltwater, smudging it with sage, or running it through incense smoke.

Next, I carve the name of the target and any important symbols or sigils into the skull candle’s wax. This makes the candle more personal and makes the link between the goal and the desired result stronger. Depending on the goals of the magic, I may also rub the candle with oils, roll it in herbs, or dress it with powders.

Once the skull candle had been prepared, I set the spell’s goal by concentrating completely on what I wanted to happen. I might say a prayer or chant to make my goal even clearer and ask my spiritual guides for help.

Once I know what I want to do, I light the skull candle and let it burn while I think about the client’s goal. I imagine that the target’s thoughts and feelings are changed in the way that my client wants. As the candle burns, the forces that were put into it are released, helping to bring about what was wanted.

After the skull candle has burned all the way down, I look at any wax, herbs, or other leftovers for signs and messages that can tell me how well the magic worked and if there are any problems that need to be resolved.

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