Fertility Magic – Rituals and Spells for Conception

I recently had the privilege of being the special guest on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour radio show, where we discussed fertility magic, so I thought I’d follow up with a blog post about the topic. You can hear the full episode of the show here.

fertility spell candle
My 7-day candle for fertility magic can be found here . – Reverend Roy

When I perform fertility magic for clients, I approach it as a type of attraction magic – something we bring to us. As a holistic healer, I first tell people to start by getting rid of all the toxins in their life, such as unnatural products and the food they eat. As a magical worker, I might take the same approach by removing any energetic barriers my client faces. So, this is trying to reach a state of purification – both of the body and the home.

But fertility magic isn’t limited to human birth. When Spring comes around, we begin to think of planting seeds, flowers, and vegetable gardens. It is not unheard of for farmers to participate in rituals to get their crops growing and their animals breeding. Growing up in the country on a farm, while we had many animals, we mainly had pigs. While he didn’t consider it “magic,” my Grandfather was very ritualistic when it came time to choosing which pigs he wanted to breed together. He created a lean-to hut to place the male and female pig he’d chosen and surround the lean-to with cedar branches. This was his way of blessing the space. Looking back, while she may not have let him know the importance, I’m pretty sure his mother, my great-grandmother, knew the mystical connection to fertility and cedar.

scarab fertility symbol
scarab amulets were carried by women in ancient Egypt to ensure pregnancy

Fertility magic has been around a long time. Throughout the ages, it has been used to help couples conceive. People around the world have used a variety of charms and spells to bring about the desired results – from ancient Egyptian potions to medieval European rituals. In this blog post, we will explore some of the various forms of fertility magic – and how they continue to be used today.

In ancient Egypt, fertility magic took many forms. There were spells designed to aid with conception, as well as exorcisms intended to ward off any evil spirits that may be blocking a couple’s path to pregnancy. Women would often wear amulets or carry special objects such as a scarab beetle in order to ensure they could bear children. Meanwhile, invocations were recited by priests or magicians to call upon gods and goddesses for assistance in aiding conception.

In the Middle Ages, fertility magic was still popular among those hoping for offspring. Women would make pilgrimages to churches dedicated to patron saints of fertility, such as St Catherine of Siena or St Margaret of Antioch; attempting at times during these pilgrimages that their stomachs touched sacred altars or images which held special powers over conception. 

Saint Catherine of Siena – The patron saint of those battling fire, disease, and miscarriages is St. Catherine of Siena. St. Catherine of Siena is a fantastic saint to pray to if you are experiencing a miscarriage or need protection from one.

saint margaret patron of pregnant women
Saint Margaret of Antioch is known as the patron saint of pregnant mothers

Saint Margaret of Antioch – The patron saint of childbirth is St. Margaret of Antioch, often known as Saint Marina, the Great Martyr. She is so known as the patron saint of pregnant mothers, especially those who are having a difficult time giving birth. Some Christians claim that Satan appeared to Margaret in the form of a dragon and swallowed her whole. Yet the devil was obliged to spit her out unhurt because of the crucifix she was bearing.

Fertility rituals are still practiced today – and are commonly sought out by couples struggling with infertility issues who are looking for more natural means of conceiving, either through traditional methods such as prayer, visualization, and massage – or through modern day practices such as homeopathic remedies or hypnosis therapy. 

For those who want a more conservative approach when it comes to tipping the odds in terms of fertility – there is always acupuncture; a holistic health practice designed specifically for boosting reproductive health by harmonizing energy pathways within the body and restoring balance within both mind and spirit. And while there may be no definitive proof that this form of Chinese medicine helps increase chances for pregnancy – it certainly can’t hurt!

No matter what form you choose when exploring fertility treatments – whether it is one derived from centuries-old practice or one based on modern technology – remember that all paths ultimately lead towards one common goal: To create life where previously none existed.

Fertility Ritual bath:

Create an Herb mixture of each ingredient, using approximately 1/2 teaspoon of each. Brew a strong tea of the herbs and pour it into your bath water (not for consumption, bathing only.)

Angelia Root

Hyssop herb

Rosemary leaves

Raspberry leaves

Lavender buds

Rose petals

Eucalyptus leaves

Light two white candles and put them on each end of the tub. Walk between the candles to enter the tub. Cleanse yourself with the herb water. Step out between the white candles. Don’t dry off. Blow out the candles. Take a bowl of your bath water, and throw it to the East at sunrise to prepare yourself to receive.

birds nest fertility
a birds nest is often used as a symbol of fertility

Fertility Nest:

-Take a Birds nest or moss to make a bed

-Line the nest with moss

-Sprinkle raspberry leaves in the nest

-Take one fresh egg, preferably one that’s never been refrigerated

-Write your petition or prayer on the egg with a soft marker, and/or use fertility symbols (such as the downward facing triangle), draw a cross inside the triangle

-Place it in the nest under your bed

-only leave for a week and then replace it. You can bury the old one by your front door

-Optional: you can also place a shiva lingam stone in the nest or under your mattress


radio show fertility magicLucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour:Healing with Reflexology w/ Reverend Roy 10/9/22
We begin this show with a Tutorial on Fertility Magic. cat yronwode, ConjureMan, and a special guest from AIRR, Reverend Roy. https://www.blogtalkradio.com/luckymojohoodoorootworkhour/2022/10/09/lucky-mojo-hoodoo-rootwork-hourhealing-with-reflexology-w-reverend-roy-10922