Updates April 2022

Beginning April 2022, I am making some changes to my practice.  Life has become very busy with running our business, and I need to cut back on my available hours for offering sessions.  Also, this is a time of transition for me.  It’s time for me to do fewer one-on-one sessions, and more teaching.  I am currently working on plans for new classes, bringing the shamanic journeys back, and possibly a mentorship program.  I also have a few books started I need time to finish.

I will only be offering Reiki sessions on Friday and Saturday mornings.  In an attempt to get more men to try alternative healing modalities, Reflexology and Reiki+Reflexology session are now only offered for men.

It is time for me to welcome the Sage, and start sharing my knowledge and experience with others.  This is an exciting transition for me, and I look forward to continuing my healing practice through new avenues.